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The State of Pennsylvania uses a bifurcated system in many issues surrounding family law. What this means is that each stage of your case is handled separately. Those people going through a divorce in Pennsylvania may potentially face up to four different hearings for each issue you face. Some of these issues are child support, custody & visitation, division of property/assets and spousal support. Keeping this sometimes-complicated family law system moving forward is one of the most important duties your lawyer will have to carry out. Issues related to family law and divorce are some of the most challenging times you will face in your life. This applies to adults as well as children. If you are going through difficult family law issues in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area you need experienced legal representation to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.


Pennsylvania law requires that couples be separated for 2 years prior to granting a unilateral no-fault divorce without your spouse’s consent. Hearings on the questions of child support, child custody, property division, marital assets and spousal support are all handled separately in Pennsylvania. You want a skilled Philadelphia Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer who has ample experience dealing with these sometimes-complicated and convolutedĀ divorce proceedings to guide you toward achieving your goals while preserving your rights.

Pennsylvania law acknowledges both fault and no-fault divorces. In the event of a ‘fault’ divorce the innocent spouse must be able to prove that the guilty spouse engaged in some type of misconduct which led to the divorce. According to Pennsylvania divorce law possible grounds for divorce can include: abandonment (of at least 1 consecutive year), adultery, physical abuse, mental abuse, cruelty and bigamy. In some cases a felony conviction can also be grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania.

Child Custody and Child Support

In most cases, Pennsylvania law requires parents to enter into mediation on questions of child custody and support before the case goes before a judge. You are far better off having a lawyer who knows how to negotiate for you in mediation than leaving decisions about your future with your child up to the final word of a judge. Most parents have no desire to drag their children through long and painful divorce proceedings. When it comes to cases involving child support and child custody, Philadelphia Family Law Lawyer Christopher Bagnato is focused on preserving your parental rights while reaching a speedy resolution.

Property Division and Spousal Support

It is important to know how and when to petition the court on questions of property division, or else you could lose rights you might never have known you had. Philadelphia Family Law Attorney Christopher Bagnato understands how emotional people can be about their money, and conflicts regarding alimony and spousal support often threaten to become the most heated. Mr. Bagnato will stay focused on what the judge will grant you should the case go all the way to trial. Throughout your case he will direct the negotiation toward a settlement that is at least that good or better. We believe that the deal you negotiate is often better for you because it is within your own control, while saving you pain and money in the process.

Other Legal Issues Confronting Families

The traditional family no longer involves one man and one woman. Families frequently involve single parents, grandparents with guardianship rights or same sex couples. Whether your case involves pursuing third party visitation or protecting the same sex family, Philadelphia Family Law Attorney Christopher Bagnato will guide you through the entire legal process. In addition to the family law issues mentioned above we also handle cases regarding:


Business Valuation

Child Custody Modification

Child Support Modification

Protective Orders/Domestic Violence

Fathers Rights

Grandparents Rights

Stepparents Rights

Military Divorce

Divorce Mediation

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